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Working in IT department of a bank

I am working in a bank in Saudi Arabia as an IT Manager. I have been working in it right since my graduation and it has been 12 years. Thanks to Allah, I have been earning extremely well and been able to invest money in real estate at the right time. I have been able to support my relatives who are in need and by support I do not mean just a few thousands but actually been able to help orphans for setting up business etc.
The reason for explaining all this is simply that some people I know disapprove my working in a bank because of Riba. I am not directly involved in it rather support infrastructure for computer systems etc.
Nevertheless, I will never find a job that would earn me so much outside of banking sector. Unfortunately in Islamic world IT is mostly applied in the banking and telecommunication sector. I wish there were a NASA type institution so that we can apply what we have learned. My question to you is: Am I earning haram for me and my family? Are those projects that I started (like real estate which I have rented and getting good amount of rentals) all haram? I did try to find a non-banking job but to be honest the salary package was not even close enough for me to bear my expenses and continue helping my close relatives. What should I do? It is easy for others to criticize me but I ask them to walk in my shoes and then tell me. I try my best to follow Islam, I have read Sahi Bukhari, I know Arabic and when I read Qur’an I do understand the Arabic verses and sometimes I get so scared with the verses of Riba, please tell me something that opens my heart and bring harmony.


I think, since you are not directly involved in riba-based transactions of a conventional bank but contributing to the cause of it only indirectly, your job can only be called, at worst, undesirable. That, however, shouldn’t be taken as a light comment. Even if something is undesirable, a cautious Muslim should try to avoid it if there were acceptable alternatives available. I would therefore advise you to keep looking for alternatives while you pursue your existing career. Probably, doing a similar job with an Islamic Bank, even though I don’t completely agree with their working, would be a better option.