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The Lonely Man

Death shows how lonely man is. In the worldly life he finds himself in the company of others — his family, his colleagues, business partners, and sincere friends. Death, however, mercilessly forces him to part with all his sympathisers and well wishers. The spectacle of death reminds man that he is all alone, that nobody, in fact, is his companion nor a friend, and that his confidence in the present life has no real basis.
We are given to observe this reality all the time, everywhere. How often we see a man living comfortably with his family and friends and then all of a sudden he is shifted by the same companions to a dark, desolate ditch, removed from all friendships and intimacies. How cheerless and perturbing but, alas, not enough to force a great part of humanity to reflect seriously.
All occasions of worldly turmoil are soothened by the comforting company of friends. None, however, would be there to accompany him in the grave, or share the harrowing encounter with the angels or console during the nerve-racking accountability before the Almighty.
Man considers himself impregnable, although he is, in reality, highly vulnerable. Death comes to regularly remind him about this all important reality.
(Adapted from Wahiduddin Khan’s Works)