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Issues Pertaining to Riba (سود)

In following videos Dr Khalid Zaheer has answered some of the more important questions concerning the nature of Riba / interest and its various applications that we encounter in our daily life, in light of Islamic teachings.

1 – An Introduction: Kitab Aur Hikmat

2 – What is Riba and why is it prohibited

3 – Is Riba only charging excessive rate of interest

4 – Is Commercial Interest not considered Riba

5 – Difference between Riba and Rent

6 – Is Mortgage permissible in Islam

7 – Riba and Inflation

8 – Is demanding predetermined interest also considered Riba

9 – Profit & Loss Sharing

10 – Interpretation of “Allah Se Jung”

11 – Is paying interest also prohibited like receiving interest

12 – Is it ok to receive interest from state institutions

13 – Is “Murabaha” permissible in Islam

14 – Are “Mudaraba” and “Musharaka” permissible means of Islamic business

15 – Issues related to Islamic Banking

16 – Modern Banking and prohibition of Riba

17 – Prohibition of Riba, Additional Questions

18 – Project Financing and State Loans