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Tayammum on a Regular Basis

I am very allergic to water. I suffer with cold most of the times. Would it be acceptable for me to substitute wudu with tayammum on a regular basis?


On the basis of the following verse you can:
“If you are sick, or on a journey, or one of you has used the toilet, or has had contact with women (sexual relation with wives) and can find no water, then make Tayammum: take some clean earth and rub your faces and hands with it. Allah is Lenient, Forgiving.” (4:43)
However, be sure that you are availing this concession only when it is needed. The proper wudu is a blessing which creates the right spirit for getting prepared for prayers. I would strongly advise you to get medical advice of a reliable doctor on the question as to whether wudu aggravates your condition. If you get the verdict that it does, then go ahead and avail the Almighty’s blessing. But don’t use the concession unless you are confident that it is needed.