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Essence of Ramadan: Be in the Driving Seat

We have two aspects in our personality which influence us: our thinking process and our inner inclinations. If our thinking goes wrong, we are doomed. And so are we destroyed if our inner desires move in the wrong direction.
It’s possible that we have the right thinking and yet we are not sufficiently motivated because our desires are not in line with our thinking. It is also possible that our thinking is wayward but we are otherwise disciplined in our life, doing what we want to. But neither of the two situations is acceptable. We need to simultaneously think correctly and behave in accordance with our right thinking.
The month of Ramadan helps us in achieving both. On the one hand it puts us (back) on the right course by (re)linking us with the Qur’an and thus enabling us to think correctly, on the other it also gives our authority on our personality back to us by making us fast.
Let’s avail the tremendous opportunity this Ramadan is offering us to know the right path yet again and follow it genuinely. It’s just a matter of focusing oneself properly for the task ahead. If we are mentally prepared for it, it will be an experience of a lifetime in shaa Allah. If not, it will come and go without affecting our soul even slightly.
If it’s true that life can end anytime and we don’t even know if we’ll see tomorrow, never mind next Ramadan, this sacred month is an unprecedented opportunity of a lifetime. Let’s avail it.
Two things in particular need to be done: Reading and understanding the Qur’an as much as is possible and learning to control our desires through fasting so that we are in the driving seat of our journey of life.
Let’s pray that both changes take place during this Ramadan. In case it happens it will indeed be the most important experience of our life.