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The Sunnah of Islamic Marriage

Kindly expound upon the Sunnah of Islamic marriage?


The only Sunnah of marriage is to get the permission of both the bride and the bridegroom before making a public announcement. It is highly recommended that the parents and other relatives are consulted during the process of taking the decision. At the time of Nikah, a khutba and some words of Nasihah are also recommended. It would be good if the bridegroom arranges for a Walima after the Nikah.
Other than that, there is nothing that can be described as Sunnah. There are certain things that happened at the time of the prophet, alaihisslaam. There are other things that can likewise be arranged in our society if the custom so demands, provided there is nothing that is against the rules of shariah. However, religiously recommended parts of the exercise are only those mentioned above.