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Prayers being missed at work

I work in a place where there is no Muslim; all my seniors are Jews. I had started praying five times but due to this job my prayers have been left. In addition, there is no room there and I share a cubical with a Hindu girl. Can you please suggest something.


The first thing I would suggest is that you should try to convince your bosses that they should let you pray. Tell them that you would not take more than five minutes for each of the three prayers you have to pray while in office. I am assuming that you experience the timings of Zuhur, Asar, and Maghrib in office. If they permit, say only your Fard prayers in office. However, if they disagree, join your Zuhur and Asar at lunch time and pray them together and say your Maghrib after you leave office. Although what you will do in such a case wouldn’t be ideally correct, yet it is a concession one can go for in emergencies. Under normal circumstances such a concession is to be availed only in journeys or when one is in a state of fear like, for instance, in a war. I am assuming that you are also in a state of emergency. If you really find that your bosses are adamant that you can’t say your prayers in office, you should start looking for a job that permits you to pray at the right times. However while you are still in your present job, you can go for the idea of joining prayers. Remember, this suggestion would become completely invalid if your bosses are permitting you to pray your Fard in office at the right times.