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What metal is to be used for a Muslim man’s wedding ring?

I am writing to ask you a question to which I would appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience.
What metal is to be used for a Muslim man’s wedding ring?
I know that Islam forbids men to wear gold. Does this include white gold (platinum) as well?
Kindly let me know soon as I am getting married in April and have to get something made accordingly. Also, if possible, please cite the relevant Quranic verse or hadith in this connection.


I think any ring pricing less than the value of a gold ring would be acceptable. I am not too sure how much white gold costs, but if it priced less than gold ring then it should be okay. The following hadith of Bukhari is one of the evidences of the prohibition of gold ring for men.
“Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) forbade wearing of silk and yellow clothes, and the gold ring, and the reciting of the Quran in the ruku’ (state of kneeling in prayer).”
The prohibition is the extended application of the following principle in the Quran:
“You shall not be a spendthrift – as spendthrifts are the brethren of Satan and Satan is ever ungrateful to His Lord.” (17:26-27)
May the Almighty enable to you have a happy and successful married life.