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Filming weddings and other ceremonies

I am a videographer and my work is to make movies of events, weddings and cocktail parties etc. Is this prohibited in Islam?


Making videos of ceremonies is haram only when it is becoming an instrument in the promotion of obscenity (fuhush). Obscenity is associated with all such acts, dresses, talks, words, gestures etc. that cause emotions of sex to be aroused in people.
Thus if you are making a video film of a ceremony where men and women are dancing together, it wouldn’t be advisable from an Islamic point of view. If women are dressed in a way that causes them to be obscene, such occasions shouldn’t also be filmed.
In grey areas, it’s your judgement call. It is better to be careful in matters where you feel uncomfortable with an occasion on account of its indecent outlook. May the Almighty be with you.