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How to interpret Quranic terms

It is very confusing for a layman such as me to digest the meaning of Qur’anic terms that your kind self mostly refer to, while quoting verses from the Holy Qur’an. Therefore, it would be kind of you to make the corrections required.
For example, the word “Riba” means “Increase” which you translate as “Interest” or “Sood”. However, the word “Sood” itself is an Arabic word which means “Black” (Aswad).
For reference, see Surah Al-Baqarah (2:275) where Allah mentions the word “Al-Riba”. The same word is also mentioned in the very next Ayah (2:276) but followed by a positive figure of speech “Yurbi saqadaat”. (The root of “Yurbi” is “Riba”).
I would also request you to read Surah Al-Furqan (25:73).


How do you understand the word ‘television’ when you read it in a book? Do you go for the word’s analysis or do you just see what people mean by this word when they use it? In the first case you would say that the word is comprised of two components, ‘tele’ and ‘vision’, and the word ‘television’ therefore is referring to all devices, situations, concepts etc. where there is a transfer of vision involved. When you will do so, you will make a fool of yourself. In the second case you will find out without trouble that the word ‘television’ refers to a screen that enables us to view programs transmitted by various television channels.
Similar is the case with the word ‘riba’. It may contain many possibilities of meanings if it’s broken down into components for its analyses. However, the fact of the matter is that the word was used in Arabic at the time of revelation of Quran, as indeed it is used now, for the same meanings as ‘interest’ is used in English or ‘sood’ is used in Urdu. It would be as ridiculous to suggest that the word ‘riba’ has been used in Quran for the purpose of conveying the meanings of mere increase as it is to suggest that the word ‘television’ is used in our times to mean a mere transfer of vision.