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Is eating with the left hand a sin in Islam ?

Is eating with the left hand, a sin in Islam? What consequences, if any, can a person who uses his left hand for eating, face?


Eating with the right hand has been established as one of the sunnahs of the prophet, alaihissalaam. The idea is to do all clean things with one hand and to be constantly reminded of the hereafter, where the successful shall be handed over the result in their right hands. Unless there is a compelling reason, it should be followed as part of the teachings of Islam.
Violating any rule os Islamic shariah is a sin. If one does it out of ignorance, it is hopefully going to be forgiven. If one does it deliberately, it is not only a sin, it is indicative of a more serious problem: the individual is not taking the message of Islam seriously.
In case the individual has philosophical problems in understanding the injunction, he should sort them out. His intentions and attitude during the process of this effort would determine how the Almighty would grade it. And Allah knows the best.
If there is somebody who is naturally left-handed and has gone past the age when you can change your habits, his/her left-handedness would hope fully be accepted as a valid reason for the practice of using his left hand for the purpose of eating. However, we should teach our children to use their right hand for the purpose of eating etc., because habits cultivated during childhood last a lifetime.