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Is the facilitator of Riba also guilty?

While going through Q & A section of your website, I came across your opinion about Ghamidi Sb’s comments that in present days only one who is taking interest is culprit, and not the one who is willingly entering in to an agreement of giving interest at some fixed percentage (which is usually the case.
I am really confused by reading it, how ever in the end you also stated that one should only follow this only if he completely knows the philosophy of Ghamdi Sb’s opinion. Will you please take out some time to explain the real myth behind his opinion?
In continuation of my question I also want to ask about the well known Hadith though I myself do not read it personally, but have listened from many sources:
“That any person who is involved in giving, taking, witnessing, or even signing the interest contract (as the case of credit cards) is equally questionable on day of judgment”
Your opinion translates that above stated Hadith-I Mubarik is not a valid one.
If your opinion is accepted as correct, this mean that all the schemes run by various bank for car financing, or home financing are correct, as far as borrowers are concerned, regardless of whether they are willfully entering the contract and encouraging the interest eaters.
Also, whenever Ulma-i-Karam like you or Ghamdi sb give any opinion like this they are necessarily inferring it from some Event of Mohammad Salu ALahi Walihi Waslam’ life or some Hadith-I Mubark.


The hadith you have quoted can be translated in two ways: Any person involved in taking, giving … or any person involved in taking and enabling others to take … The word used in hadith is mukilurriba which, to us has been incorrectly translated as the one who takes riba. The one who gives riba is the person who has been dealt with unfairly (Mazlum) for whose sake riba has been prohibited. A Mazlum is not a sinner; he is the one who deserve sympathy. Allah Hafiz.