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Charity Concerts

Is it right to give money to a charity which organizes a music concert for raising funds? The Music Society and LUMS Volunteer Society is currently holding a concert for Fund Raising for MUKHATARA BIBI’s charity run school. I am not stingy but I would not like to pay for the ticket, (even though, if I did, I would still not attend the concert), which could be used for charity. What are your thoughts on it?


I agree with your approach. I would not and have not purchased the concert ticket, despite the fact that the proceedings are supposed to go for charity. When we spend in the way of Allah, we should do so to please Him only, and not to get any worldly benefits of our own out of it. Our intentions are extremely important for all our actions, and so should they be clear in this case. When we offer our prayers, they should be offered for the Almighty’s sake only, and not for any other purpose; likewise, when we spend money for charity, we should spend it in His name only. Deriving fun and entertainment out of such efforts is a purely Western concept, and it concerns me as to why we must follow their constructs all the way. I think it would be perfectly logical to ask people to contribute in Allah’s name. Period. The sincere and God-fearing will come forward. We do not need to shift our focus away from seeking the pleasure of the Almighty, towards our own pleasure and entertainment via charity concerts, matches and the likes.
It would also suffice to say that people who organise charity concerts should, therefore, not expect any reward from the Almighty, for it remains no more a matter of purely and simply pleasing the Almighty.