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How can we prove that prophet Eesa (pbuh) has been alive all these years

I had a conversation with a man who is from Ahmadi community. He was asking how Hazrat Eesa (A.S) can be kept alive for 2000 years. Can we prove it logically? With some reference from Quran or Hadith.


I will attempt to separate two issues in your question, and try to address them individually. First is whether we, as Muslims, should make it a part of our belief that prophet Jesus (pbuh) is going to return. Please look at a previously answered question “Will prophet Eesaa/Jesus (pbuh) descend a second time” that addresses this question. In addition, it is worth adding that this issue has been disputed amongst scholars in the past as well as present times.
The second issue is of how could he have been kept alive for two thousand years. This makes the assumption of us knowing that he has been alive during all this time. In my opinion, it is not a fair assumption because this has not been discussed in the Quran directly, so there may exist differences of opinion.
It is our belief that God, being Omnipotent, has power over all things and can do anything He wants. The discussion of how He does it is outside of any human being’s domain, unless He Himself disclosed that information. If we, as Muslims, cannot accept this then there is something definitely wrong with our beliefs. Consider the following example from Quran:
“Or the like of him who passed by a town, and it had fallen down upon its roofs; he said: When will Allah give it life after its death? So Allah caused him to die for a hundred years, then raised him to life. He said: How long have you tarried? He said: I have tarried a day, or a part of a day. Said He: Nay! you have tarried a hundred years; then look at your food and drink– years have not passed over it; and look at your ass; and that We may make you a sign to men, and look at the bones, how We set them together, then clothed them with flesh; so when it became clear to him, he said: I know that Allah has power over all things.” (2:259)
Therefore I would probably not indulge in such a discussion and just explain to the Ahmedi friend that this is God’s domain and He is All Powerful. Since coming back of Jesus (pbuh) cannot be an intrinsic part of our faith, perhaps it should not hold such an important place in our discussions with members of Ahmedi community – there are other vital areas of discussion which can perhaps play a more significant and meaningful role.
(This question was answered jointly by Muhammad Omer Iqbal and Dr. Khalid Zaheer.)