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Our attitude towards saints

What should be our attitude towards the ‘Aulia-e-karaam’? As far as I have read, they had sufi ideas, which are not purely Islamic.


We should respect them for two reasons.
Firstly, as far as we know, they were sincere in whatever they were doing. They, hopefully, did whatever they did with the understanding that this was what Islam expected of them.
Secondly, the respect ought to come from your end since a contrary attitude would draw people unnecessarily away from you.
There is an exaggerated respect of the Sufis in our subcontinent. You need not join people in that exaggeration. But when it comes to the question of following their teachings, tell them that it is is only the prophet ‘s teaching that we have to look at because he was the greatest Waliullah. Tell those who have a contrary view that the prophet brought a perfect and complete Din and we don’t need anything else from any other source.