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Haraam Meat

You hold the opinion that consuming meat from an animal that is not slaughtered in the name of Allah – i.e. slaughtered in the name of someone other than Allah or without any uttering at all – is Haraam.
I offered your response to someone, who held an opposing opinion based on an Egyptian scholar, who has expounded that since the Holy Qur’an says that meat on which other than Allah’s name has been taken is Haraam, it is interpreted that meat on which no name has been taken, can be consumed but it is better to refrain.
Any comments?


My opinion to you was based on the following Quranic verse: “Do not eat of that meat on which Allah’s name has not been pronounced, since that is most surely a transgression.” (6:121) The Egyptian scholars believe that the condition of this verse is satisfied if we recite tasmia (bismillah) before eating from the meat of an animal which is otherwise halal but has been slaughtered without pronouncing the name of Allah. To them, therefore, the above-mentioned verse is not asking us to slaughter animals by pronouncing the name of Allah, but is asking us to say bismillah before eating anything.
My understanding is that the opinion of Egyptian scholars is incorrect. The style and context in which the verse (6:121) has been expressed, can only mean taking the name of Allah while slaughtering animals. An earlier verse also says the same thing positively: “So eat (of that meat) on which Allah’s name has been pronounced if you truly believe in His revelations.” (6:118) The expression “zukirasmullahi alaihi” cannot mean saying bismillah at the time of eating. It can only mean pronouncing Allah’s name at the time of slaughtering animals.
Moreover, if we accept the other opinion, it would mean that whenever you eat or drink anything without saying bismillah, you are doing “fisq” i.e. clear transgression. This understanding is obviously incorrect.