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Heaven: A Harem with women, wine and boys?

The picture of Heaven is no short of a Harem with women and wine and boys? Comments!


Actually, the picture of heaven is mentioned in verses that the Quran describes as Mutashabihat (i.e. allegorical). Since we cannot fully appreciate the true beauty of the blessings of the heaven, given our limitations, and since our worldly languages do not have the vocabulary to describe them properly, the Almighty has used such words from Arabic to describe them as come closest to their reality, so that the immediate addressees of Quran, the Arab Bedouins, could form some idea about the life Hereafter. The description of blessings, therefore, is the one that comes closest to the understanding of good life for the Arabs of that time.
The description of boys, by the way, is meant to suggest that there are going to be young attendants who will provide active service to their masters. They would remain young and energetic forever. There is no indecent suggestion intended in the mention of that blessing.