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Paying Zakat on jewelry when income is low (1)

I am a government employee and earn about 20,000 Rs per month. My Zakat usually amounts to 17,000 Rs per month as my wife has some gold jewelry of the marriage. I have a sick child on whom I also spend about 2000-3000 Rs. I could not even do Qurbani this time. I had been very particular about paying Zakat but now it is becoming quite difficult. I try but cannot match the desired amount. What should I do? I am very worried. Please give me a reply. I must mention here that I do not spend even a single penny on luxury. I am leading a very simple life but inflation is getting better of me.


Actually, you should have a serious discussion with your wife to decide if the jewelry really needs to be kept. It doesn’t make sense that you have so much of wealth and yet you are needy. Do you have a house of your own? May be it’s a good idea to sell jewelry and build a house or buy a car. Think about it!