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Understanding satan and his ways

It is hard to understand how satan was allowed by God to not bow in front of humans, when God Himself could’ve prevented Him from disobedience. How do we make sense of this?


There is a vital element the Almighty has bestowed in us: freedom to make choices. In our moral life, we are free to choose; in many cases, what we would like to do and what we would want to avoid. In most cases, we know what is right from what is wrong, and yet, we sometimes make wrong decisions. It is these decisions on the basis of which we are accountable to God. When we do anything wrong, God doesn’t force us to do that wrong. It is that freedom of choice that enables us to take an independent decision. Whenever God imposes His will on us, we are not held responsible for it. The weaknesses in humans you have mentioned were indeed created by God but they were created along with the realization that they were weaknesses, and involvement in them was unacceptable.
The devil became devil not because God forced him to become one. He too had a choice to either accept God’s command of prostrating to Adam or not to do so. His ego forced him not to prostrate and his jealousy for man inclined him to become the devil that he is. He had every opportunity to go the other way. Had he chosen to follow the path of God’s obedience, the Almighty would have adopted some other way of putting man on trial. In other words, God’s plan was not dependent on Satan’s disobedience. Satan offered himself to become a part of His plan by being disobedient to Him. Like a person is to be killed in God’s plan anyway, but another person chooses to take the blame of killing him. His act of killing a person doesn’t accomplish God’s plan of making that person die. God’s plan would have been accomplished independent of the killer’s act of killing.