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Is face covering essential for women?

What is the complete concept of Hijab in Islam? I mean, is the covering of the face compulsory in Islam? According to some scholars, it is a compulsion. Is it?


Covering of the face according to the Quran was meant for the wives of the prophet, alaihissalaam. There was another temporary measure that was suggested in the Quran to Muslim ladies when there were mischievous men in Madina who used to tease women. Ladies were asked to lower a part of their covering cloth over them.
Under normal circumstances, Muslim ladies are expected to keep their gazes clean, they should be adequately covered so as to not look obscene in their appearance, they should cover their chest with an extra piece of cloth, and should cover themselves up except for face, hands, and feet, in case they are wearing jewellery or have adopted some other measures to beautify the rest of their person.