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Spying done by detectives, policemen etc.

We know that it’s wrong to spy on peoples private lives, but what about detectives, and undercover policemen, and people working for the government as spies, who are doing it for a good cause? Also, sometimes on tv they show programs about celebrities and their personal lives, which is really an invasion of privacy, and just like spying. Is it wrong to even watch these kind of shows?


What has been condemned about spying is that intrusion into the privacy of others that cannot be morally justified. Indeed most of spying cannot be morally justified. However, if there is a security threat because of the secret activities of an individual, his private life can be investigated by all means. In all such cases, one has to ask oneself a simple question: Can I morally justify this intrusion into the other’s privacy? Your conscience would always give you the right answer, provided you don’t corrupt it. I concede that there can be room for dispute in such matters. However, as an individual, you should do (or stay away from doing) on the basis of what you honestly think is right. Generally speaking, it is important in such matters to follow the following principle given by the prophet alaihissalaam: Leave what creates doubt in your mind and do what doesn’t create any doubt.