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What does Islam say about creativity and talents?

We often admire the talent of singing, art, dancing, craft making, sports etc. Does Islam appreciate talent? Are such talents recognized under the light of Quran or Sunnah? Should we appreciate such talents? Should a good voice be refrained from singing? If singing is not being done with the intention of attracting the audience towards the singer and if the effect of the lyrics and music is also not negative, is it ok for the person to sing in public? Is playback singing ok as it does not involve personal exhibition? Is learning singing just for one’s own satisfaction (as a hobby)
ok if he/she does not plan to use it commercially? Same goes for drawing…some people have the talent to draw well. As long as they’re not drawing obscene figures or those that would in anyway negate the teachings of Islam, is it ok to draw? Is it not a way of appreciating God’s gift of nature, by trying to capture that scene of nature (say a tree) in a painting. By all means, the painter is not making a live tree so he is assumed not to consider himself anything near a god. Is painting prohibited because it arouses pride? But we also are proud of raising our children? If creating something was bad, then it would be bad to bring up well mannered children, you actually as parents paint the brains of your children and design their personalities. Are talents a lesser sin for males than they are for females? For example a man singing is not as bad as a female singing?


My answer to this question is contained in the following Qur’anic passage: “Ask: who has prohibited the beauties of Allah (zeenat’Allah) and the pure food . Tell them such things have been created especially for His servants in this worldly life; and they are going to be available for them exclusively on the Day of Judgment (and afterwards). We likewise clarify our verses for those who want to learn. Tell them: My Lord has only prohibited obscenity, whether it is manifest or hidden, the act of depriving others of their rights, the tendency of unjustified transgressing against others, that you ascribe partners to God for which he has revealed no evidence, and that you say on behalf of God what you don’t know.” (7:32-33)
I believe the talents you have referred to in your questions are in the category of beauties of this life. Music, good food, good voice, good looks (if not obscene), good scenery etc are all blessings of this life which God has created for us to benefit and enjoy from. These are God-given abilities. Unless we enjoy them, we will not be able to thank God properly for what He has given us.