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What is ‘sabr’ and how is it different from helplessness?

What is the difference between sabar (patience) and helplessness?
It is human nature that whenever he is in trouble he tries everything in his capacity to solve the difficulties he is in. And it’s what we all do that when we feel helpless and we have tried all options, we just use a statement ” kia karain ALLAH ki marzi hai? sabar k ilawa hum kia kr saktay hain?” (It’s God’s will, what can we do other than be patient?) I just wanted to ask that is it right to call this feeling of helplessness as sabar? Or are we just rationalizing our helplessness and our frustration of not being able to get out of the troubles? If it’s not sabar then what actually do we mean by sabar?
Life takes us through different stages and we all come across situations when we feel we are not in control, so what actually is sabar so that we can pass through such phases easily and with faith?


Sabr in the Qur’anic context is to continue to follow the correct path despite temptations and difficulties, realizing that the Almighty is looking at what we are doing, and that He is the one who has all control over the affairs of this world, and that He never allows anything to happen which is ultimately wrong. An attitude of passively allowing adversities to happen is not Sabr. Sabr is to realize that this world is being run by the Almighty and if there are certain things happening to you that are apparently causing you to getting distracted from that realization, you bind yourself to your correct understanding of God and don’t allow yourself to be disturbed.
A person can only do Sabr with proper belief in God and commitment to His cause.