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Are the Jews of today Kafir (disbeliever) ?

Surah Al Imran verse 55 says I will set your followers above the unbelievers (kafir jews) till the day of resurrection.
so doesn’t this verse mean the jews of today are kafir?
they will live in poverty and disgrace till the day of judgment, verse 3:112, so this verse again proves that they are kafir because the punishment continues.
please explain


The first verse mentions that the Jews, who disbelieved in Eesaa, alaihissalaam, (allazeena kafaroo) will always remain under the direct or indirect subjugation of the Christians (the believers in Jesus) till the day of Judgment. When a group of disbelievers and the later people follow that group in its disbelief, they would be called by the same name, title. The punishment in the hereafter would be decided by the Almighty on the basis of each individual’s performance and circumstances. Likewise it is not necessary that the Christians of our times are all followers of Eesaa, alaihissalaam, (allazina attaba’uka). It’s just that they are apparent heirs of the earlier believers in Jesus.
The second verse states a punishment for the Jews who would be guilty of committing similar crimes as their ancestors for until the Judgment day. Many Jews of today are not going through this punishment of poverty and disgrace, which proves the point that not all Jews are Kafir. And Allah knows the best.