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Restriction on small children in the congregation

Is their any restriction on taking small children in the Jama’at of adults?


My understanding is that the question of placing children in a Jama’at has been left to the common sense of Muslims. I haven’t found anything concrete in the hadith literature, although my search hasn’t been exhaustive. It makes sense that children should be encouraged to say their prayers in the Masjid as much as could be possible because it inculcates in them a love for prayers and Masjid. However, if they create disturbance, they should be politely informed about the manners of conducting themselves in Masjid. When the Jama’at begins, they should be either placed at the ends of the congregation or should be asked to make a separate row behind those of elders. In either case, there is a possibility that the elders joining the Jama’at later will have youngsters sandwiched between them and the other elders. Nothing can be done about it. I think such things should be tolerated in the interest of the proper religious upbringing of the youngsters.