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Praying at the shrine or place where a saint is buried.

I want to ask that is there any wrong
If someone goes to a shrine of a holy man and say Fatiha then do dua for himself without creating waseela (not even mentioning about this holy man)and he visited the shrine just because he feels that holy man was a pious person and had done much Ibaadat here .So this place is spiritually more pure then his own home.


The best place for ibadat is the Holy Ka’bah, Masjid Nabwi, and Baitul Maqdis. Thereafter all masajid have equal significance. There is no other place that carries any spiritual significance more than the other.
The fact that a pious person is buried in a place doesn’t make it superior to others spiritually. Why is the place where he used to do ibadat when he was alive not a spiritually better place than the one where he was buried? There is a danger that if you will choose the place for ibadat because of the alleged spirituality attached to it then it may eventually lead to more spiritually devastating results which can ruin the very spirit of your ibadat. It is therefore better to be safe than sorry.
I would therefore recommend that you don’t do something whose harm is likely to be much greater than its good.