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Portion of Salat in mother language

After saying Surah Fatihah, can I say “O’Allah, bless me health! bless me health! bless me health!” in Ruku and Sajda, in my mother language instead of saying other Quran’s part? I mean that in which part of Salat, I can ask from Allah in my mother language? Because as far as I understand Salat is basically a duaa.


You can ask for what you want from God in your language at different parts of your prayers, but you must bear in mind the following things:
i) Fatiha, a portion of Quran, Allahu Akbar, Sami’Allahu, and Salam cannot be omitted, and must be said in Arabic.
ii) Salat is not just prayers but tasbih as well.
iii) The best form of prayer is the one done by the prophet, alaihissalaam.
iv) Whatever we say has to make sense to us.
v) The prophet, alaihissalaam, asked Muslims not to recite the Quran in ruku and sujud.