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Can non-muslims enter paradise?

I have read all of your narration and then the analysis (regarding the article Experiences, Questions and analyses). Your analysis part is a bit confusing to me.I just wanted to ask, are you saying that a sincere, devoted jew or christian or any Ahl-e-kitab would be allowed to enter paradise even without accepting Islam? Or
If we (Muslims, custodians of Islam, and so called “the guided”) do not make a sincere effort to guide all the non-muslims, then Allah Almighty can grant them paradise as a benefit of the doubt, based on their devotion to ONE GOD and beleif in the day of judgement.
My belief is that for both the cases none of the non-muslims would be allowed to enter heavens.That is not to say that we (muslims) should not be held responisble but still……..
Please elaborate your point of view.


I have quoted a verse from the Quran in my article that says that be it Muslims, Jews, Christians, or Sabeans, whoever believes in Allah and the hereafter and does good deeds shall enter the paradise (Quran; 2:62). The verse is very clear. The only confusion is regarding the question whether not believing in prophet Muhammad as a messenger of God is not crime in it itself. The answer is that it is indeed a very big crime, as big as denying God, if the fact that he is a prophet has become clear to a person. If that fact is not clear to someone, for whatever reasons, then he would not be held responsible for not believing in him. Whether a person knew it or not would be decided by the All-Knowing God.