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Blind faith in religions including Islam

We do know that Islam is the only true religion but that’s exactly what Christians and Jews say about their religions. We say a Trinity doesn’t make sense and it conflicts man’s natural desire to worship One True God but how can you answer a non- Muslim who questions how Muslims can say a Trinity is blindly believing the unseen (and illogical) from the Bible when they (Muslims) believe God has a Chair so huge that it is larger than the skies and earths and everything else? Aren’t we then blindly believing the unseen? It’s a part of our Iman to believe it (Quran 2:2-3), but you can’t tell a Christian we believe in the hereafter and not the Trinity, both from the unseen knowledge, without any giving any transparent and clear reasoning. Please comment.


I think that one should move deeper to find out the rationale behind the claims that are made by different religious groups to establish as to which of them is more convincing. Indeed, it is not only Jews and Christians who claim that their religious understanding is correct. Even the pagans of Makkah had the same apparent claim. It is, therefore, imperative that the logic behind the claims should be objectively compared.
One problem with the claims of the other religious groups is in establishing the authenticity of the texts their messages are found in. It is difficult to take a text seriously whose originality is in serious doubt. Aside from authenticity, we have to look for the real arguments behind each one of them. As for the concept of trinity, it is something not even properly established from the Bible. Jesus Christ cannot be claimed to have made this concept as the foundation of his message. Nowhere in the Bible can one find any clear indication that Jesus Alaihissalaam had ever preached the concept. It is Saint Paul, who remained an enemy of Jesus throughout his stay in this world, who propagated trinity. Many Christians dispute the concept even today.
When it comes to the concept of the Chair, it is only one group of interpretors who believe that the Chair has been used in the literal sense. A more acceptable interpretation of the Chair is that it refers to the authority of God Almighty. In other words, the expression, ‘His Chair covers the entire space of the heavens and the earth’ means that He has full authority as a sovereign over everything. Thus, the expression ‘Chair’ is symbolic and not literal.