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Missing Maghrib and Catching Isha

If I miss my Maghib prayers, and catch Isha while the jama’at has already commenced, should I just join and offer my Maghrib prayers right after?


I would just want to emphasize that the chance of you missing Maghrib prayer shouldn’t arise normally. No worldly activity should get preference over a prayer when its time is due. If you are on a journey, the Almighty allows you to join two prayers (Zuhur-‘Asar, Maghrib-‘Isha) together. If you miss Maghrib because you preferred a worldly cause over it, you have done a big sin, for which you should seek forgiveness (taubah) from the Almighty.
Having said that, my understanding is that you shouldn’t join the ‘Isha prayer if you haven’t said your Maghrib. You should first say your Maghrib and then go for ‘Isha, even if it means that you are going to miss the Jama’at.