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How to make up a Missed Prayers – offering Qaza?

What is the recommended way to say the Qaza in case you miss any prayer for each of the five prayers?


There is no recommended way of saying Qaza of a missed obligatory prayer. Prayers are obligatory at the appointed times. If you miss them because you were asleep at the right time or because you just forgot to say them, then say them as soon as you wake up or remember. However, if you deliberately don’t say your prayer at the right time because of some worldly reason, then you have committed a serious crime (gunahe kabirah) for which you should repent (do taubah) sincerely. If in doing your taubah you also say the missed prayer, then it is another matter. However, simply saying your missed prayer without expressing your sincere regrets in the form of taubah is not likely to be enough.