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Methods of Ghusl and Wudu

Please explain the correct way of ghusl and wudu.


If you are doing ghusl because it has become wajib for you to do so, then the first thing to do is to get rid of the dirt, wherever it is on your body, using water, with your left hand. Thereafter do wudu the way you normally do it. You may leave washing your feet if you so desire, since they are covered in the following ghusl (and more importantly, the prophet is reported to have not washed his feet while doing ghusl). Then, if you are using a bucket and a cup for bathing, pour water on the right half of your body first and then on the left one. Preferably this process should be done thrice. It is important that your entire body gets wet in the process. Also ensure that your feet also get washed in the process.
As for wudu, wash your hands with clean water first. Then wash your throat and mouth by gargling with some water thrice. Then clean your nose likewise thrice. Thereafter, use your left hand to wash your right arm till the elbow thrice. Do a similar exercise for your left arm with water in your right hand. Follow this by washing your face thrice with water and rub your head once with both hands, starting from the forehead up to the back side of the neck. At the end, wash your feet with water, the right one first and then the left one. That completes your wudu.