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Why Quran is recited out loud in some prayers, and not in others

What is the idea behind the imam reciting the Quran in a louder voice during fajr, maghrib and isha but not during zuhr and asar prayers?


The Jahri prayers (when the imam recites the Quran aloud i.e Fajr, Maghrib and Isha) and Sirri prayers (when he doesn’t i.e Zahur and Asr) have both been given to us by the prophet’s, alaihissalaam, Sunnah. It seems that we need to remember Allah in a manner that sometimes it’s loud and sometimes it is not. Especially, when it comes to the recitation of Quran. Both needs of humans have been kept in view while giving us the apparent form of prayers. Moreover, it seems that louder recitation goes along with the serene mood of the darker times of the day whereas in the bustling environment of the bright day, loud recitation doesn’t fit. That’s why, perhaps, the Almighty has decided to require us to pray in two different ways in the two different times of the day. And Allah knows the best.