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Is learning Arabic compulsory to practice Islam

Allah says in the Quran that it is difficult to understand what is said in any other language than in one’s own mother tongue. Why then have we made it compulsory to follow our religion in Arabic, as in the formal prayer? The end result is that throughout the world, most Mulims don’t know what they read or say in prayers. It is not possible for most people to learn Arabic and hence, they stand blank behind the imam, during prayers. Comments?


The Quran was meant to do itmame hujjah on Arabs of the time of the Prophet, alaihissalaam. Itmame hujjah means delivering the message in a a manner that there remain no doubts in the minds of the people who have received it. It is a message of the rest for the mankind as well, but only to the extent that people can understand it. It is our duty to understand it as much as we can. There are many different levels of doing so. You should try what suits you as best as you can.