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Kuffarah on broken oaths

A close friend swore on the Quran about not doing something (which was obviously bad). But after a few days, he broke his swear as he says he couldn’t help it. The person who made him swear doesn’t know about it, but my friend feels bad about it. I have heard that there is a kaffarah for breaking a swear on the Quran. Please can you let me know very precisely about what needs to be done. What is the kaffarah?


The verse of the Quran says, in response to your query:
“Allah will not call you to account for what is inadvertent in your oaths. But He will hold you accountable for that which you solemnly swear. The penalty for a broken oath is to feed ten indigent persons with such food as you normally provide to your own family, or to clothe ten needy people, or to free one slave. The one who cannot afford any of these must fast three days. This is the expiation for breaking your oaths. Therefore, be mindful of your oaths.” (5:89)