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Is it allowed to have food, tea, coffee prepared by non-Muslims?

Does Islam prohibit eating food or tea, coffee, etc. prepared by non-Muslims other than the People of the Book (that is, Jews and Christians)?


Islam prohibits only what is haram. Other than that, everything is halal, or, in some cases, certain items may be doubtful. It is immaterial if a halal item is made for, or served to, you by a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu or any one. The Quranic verse where there is a permission mentioned to eat the food of Bani Israil is not making permissible something that was haram; it is only telling Muslims to avail a possibility, if they desired, which was already there. A similar permission was given in the Quran to Muslim men to marry more than one wife. There too, it is not a permission of something that was until then prohibited; it is a mention by way of a reminder of something that was already permitted. The Muslims were only reminded of it.