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Inheritance of a house not occupied by all children

Consider that a person dies, leaving behind only one house, which is occupied by his sons, who have sisters also. How will that house be distributed among brothers and sisters, the number of brothers and sisters is irrelevant?


They should all get together and decide what the value of the property is, and what the respective shares of the brothers and sisters are. One of the brothers should take the responsibility of giving others their shares. If more of them are living together, then it can be decided that those who are living would get the ownership of the house and others would be given a share from the value of it. If those who are occupants cannot afford to pay immediately, then each brother’s/sister’s share should be clearly specified
in a contract and the non-occupants should be given rent for their part of the share in accordance with the market value of the house. The occupants can start paying to the non-occupant brothers/sisters their share through installments.
Whatever is done should be done with the free, mutual consent of all brothers and sisters. The agreement should be in writing. All brothers and sisters should sign it in front of trusted witnesses.
That’s the right. May Allah guide us all.