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Farz and qaza namaz (Obligatory prayers missed)

Becuase of my lazyness some of my salats missed. My question is that can i offer my Kaza Salats or not.
Becuase i heard from some group of people that Salat is just Farz, if it is missed then you can not offer its Kaza.
Also i heard that in some ghazwa (WARS) Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) also offered Kaza Namaz.
Kindly Guide me


Namaz is farz on its time. If you don’t say it on time you have committed a sin for which you should do taubah(repentance). If while doing taubah you say qaza namaz as well, this would be okay. However, don’t think that qaza namaz is an alternative to the normal prayer. You cannot miss prayer on time. If you do, you must repent.
In Ghazwae Khandaq, the prophet, alaihissalaam, and his companions were caught in a situation where they couldn’t offer a few prayers. Of course, if circumstances are beyond your control, like when you are asleep, or you are in seriously insecure position, you can say your prayers as soon as normalcy returns.