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Distribution of slaughtered animals meat on Eid ul Adha

1. Can we distribute all of the meat of the animal sacrifice to the poor and do not keep any meat for ourselves or the relatives. I mean is it alright if all of the meat is distributed to those who are deserving irrespective of if they are relatives or strangers ?

2. Can we distribute the meat of the sacrifice to non-Muslims and non-believers who are poor and deserving ?

3. Is there any religious ruling that we have to give preference to Muslims over non-Muslims when distributing the meat of animal sacrifice?

4. If there are two persons equally deserving, one is Muslim and other is non Muslim, who should we give meat to ? Please provide answers for all questions separately. Thanks,


1. You can give all the meat to the poor.

2. You can give meat to non-Muslim poor as well.

3. There is no ruling that you must give preference to Muslims.

4. It is up to you to decide whether to give meat to non-Muslims or Muslims even when both are equally deserving.