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Delayed Haq Mehar Payment

At the event of my marriage (nikah) my haq mehar was fixed Rs one lakh. Rupees 50,000 mu’ajjal, or prompt, and the remaing 50,000 muwajjal, or deferred. I did not pay any amount as haq mehr to my wife on marriage. However I paid her the haq mehar after four years of marriage. What does islam say about it?
Second question, my wife is adopted by her phuppo when she was born and her father’s name is not written in her documents rather her phuppa’s name is written in her document. at the time of nikkah the nikkah khawan asked me do you accept


Assalamo Alaikum
The fact that you didn’t pay haq mehar to your wife even though half of it was promised to be paid immediately constitutes a breach of promise on your part for which you should repent. The only thing you can do now is to seek forgiveness from the Almighty now for doing that and seek forgiveness from your wife too whose right you violated. On top of it, if you take her to a good dinner, that might also help.
The fact that your wife’s name was pronounced in the nikah ceremony with the wrong name of the father doesn’t invalidate your nikah. Everyone present knew who the lady was. The identity of the bride is important at the time when nikah is taking place.
I believe that the nikah form needs to be corrected for the father’s name of the bride. Whoever is responsible for writing the name of the father is committing a sin and the only correct way of redeeming oneself from it is to correct the wrong that has been done. You need to go to the nikah registrar and ask for the process to get it corrected. Even if it entails getting the nikah done a second time, I would suggest that you should go for it. A repeat of nikah would in no way affect the validity of your earlier nikah. I hope that such a process is not necessitated.
Allah Hafiz.