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Contradiction in My Approach

I totally accept your answer on the question ‘Are Some Arabs Brothers of Satan’. The only reason I pointed this out as general reference rather than a specific individual was to clarify a certain understanding of my own which you clearly have for me.
One point however still remains which I would like to raise with you: In one of your very recent youtube videos, you talked directly about Dr. Zakir Naik, Mr Zaid Hamid (both videos still on your site) and some Mualana Tariq Jameel (of whom video has been removed). I read in one of your relevant writings (probably a response to a question) where you talked to Mr Javed Ghamdi about this and he did not like the idea of talking about some particular individual in the way you did (Maulana Tariq Jameel issue). But in the end of your writing you yourself mentioned that “The fact of the matter is that unless you name an individual or organisation, people don’t normally understand what exactly is being talked about”.
Why is it wrong to criticise some Arabs by naming them when you have openly criticised two individuals and have claimed that naming them was necessary? Aren’t you contradicting yourself?


Jazakallahu Khairan. Your message has delighted me. I really like people like you who are prepared to point out contradictions in others in a polite way. We are all humans and therefore we say one thing and do another every now and then. It is only through sincere brothers like you that we learn that what we have said is in contradiction with what we said or did on another occasion. Only God is free from contradictions. The Almighty has said: “Had it (the Quran) been from anyone other than Allah, they would have found therein a lot of contradictions.” (4:82) However, He doesn’t like humans to deliberately maintain double standards. He says on another occasion: “Believers, why do you say what you don’t do? It is extremely hateful in the eyes of God that you say one thing but do another.” (61:2-3)
Having said that, let me tell you why you find this apparent contradiction in what I wrote to you and what I have spoken about Mr Zaid Hamid and Dr Zakir Naik. What I spoke in criticism of these two brothers was a criticism on their academic opinion. That criticism must continue in a decent, academic way or else we won’t be able to correct ourselves in our Islamic understanding. Moreover, if I believe that what my brothers are saying is creating a false impression about our faith — as indeed the two gentlemen’s statements on Mother Teressa and Conspiracy Theory in my opinion did — I must clarify the correct Islamic position on the issue. However, I have to maintain an academic style while doing it. But I have neither a right to question their intentions nor to expose any of their moral weaknesses, not that I know of any.
I hope it clarifies my position. Do criticise again if you are not satisfied.