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Ablution while wearing socks

I have seen many people perform wudu with out taking there socks off. Please Comment.


My understanding is that it is allowed to do wudu with your socks on provided if you had put them on at a time when you were in a state of wudu. This privilege is available for one full day if you are staying within your town. However, the Sunnah extends the privilege to three days if you are on a journey.
Most people in the sub-continent do not accept this understanding because Imam Abu Hanifa believed that rubbing the surface (masah) is only allowed in case of leather socks and not in the case of cotton or similar socks. However, the Imam’s illustrious pupils, Yusuf and Muhammad, both disgreed with their mentor in this case. Their understanding was based on a hadith of Tirmidhi which allows ‘masah’ to be done on ordinary socks as well. Moreoever, it’s a concession allowed in religion to make life easy for the believers. In case of concessions, it would be counter productive to impose restrictions that make things difficult for people.