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A further query regarding missed ( qaza ) prayers

I think I was not able to put my question regarding the saying of qaza prayers (compulsory) properly. What I meant was for e.g. if you miss Zuhur prayers and it past the proper time for saying them. Now, if you want to say them with Asar, then what would be the proper way:
1. Say them before the Asar prayers; or
2. After the Asar prayers?
I request clarification if the above mention example is applied to all the five prayers.


I would still insist that under normal circumstances it shouldn’t happen. You should make every effort to say your prayers in time, because it is binding to do so. Not doing so despite the fact that you are neither on a journey nor asleep would constitute a grave sin. If that is clear, then I would say that if you didn’t perform Zuhur because you were on a journey, and therefore you have to say both Zuhur and Asar together, say them in the right sequence i.e. Zuhur-Asar. However, if you haven’t said your obligatory prayer due to negligence, then your missed prayed has gone; it has gone forever. Nothing can bring it back, except, hopefully, your sincere repentence (Taubah). If in doing Taubah you also repeat the missed prayer, it’s upto to you. Don’t ask anyone about the time of doing your Taubah. Do it as soon as is possible. But don’t confuse it with other prayers.