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Why are people in the west doing well in life compared to Muslims ?

Why are people in the west doing well in life and why aren’t we Muslims doing quite as well. Is it that God is pleased with them and not with us?


We do well in life for two reasons. We use our God-given intellect and practice what we understand properly. And God helps us by giving opportunities to do well in life. In case of Muslims, we are neither using our intellect properly nor are we being, generally speaking, helped by God. He isn’t helping us again for two reasons. He gave us a moral understanding and a religious message and we are sincere to neither, exceptions apart. He is allowing westerners to make progress because they’re better than us in their attitude towards morality; and since they weren’t given a message as clearly as we were given, their attitude towards it is not a factor in determining their worldly success. And only God knows the ultimate truth.