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Why will God punish people in the Hereafter?

As you explain, we can sense Allah by His creation. Furthermore, I would want to learn why Allah punishes ‘bad’ people because He is all, He says:
It means we cannot wish to be bad or good since Allah gives us Izzat or Zillat as He wishes. Why then is God punishing us and sending a ‘bad’ people to Hell. Please clear my ideas about god.


God Almighty has all the great attributes we can imagine. All of them are unlimited. One of the attributes He possesses is that He is Independent in deciding whatever He wishes to. Another is that He is Wise. The Independent, Wise God of ours has made this life a place of trial for us. We can’t ask Him why He has done so because He is not dependent on us; instead we depend on Him. However, since He is Wise and Fair, He has designed this trial in a manner that there is no flaw in it nor is it unfair. Now let’s come to your questions.
In this world God Almighty normally punishes people only for the purpose of reminding them about their sins. Good people face many difficulties in this world not as punishments but simply as trials to test if they are prepared to be patient for the sake of God Almighty and the success of the Hereafter. Moreover, He gives honour to some and dishonours others not randomly without any principles. Because He is Wise and Fair, His decisions are based on merit. He is the best judge to decide what decision to take for whom. If there is a nation that deserves to be honoured, God Almighty honours it and says that it is only I Who can honour whom I wish. That doesn’t mean that His decision is not based on any principles. What it means is that the decision which God Almighty has taken on merit, it is only He who can take and implement it and nobody can stop Him from doing so.
God Almighty would send bad people to the Hell because despite the fact that those people had the opportunity and capability to do good and they knew what was good and what was bad, they continued to choose to do what was bad. It is because of the wrong decisions that such people had taken over and over again that the Wise and Just God would punish them. If there are people who are forced to do things which are wrong even though they are not willing to get involved, they are not going to punished by God Almighty. In other words, a person would get punished only if he/she would fully deserve it.