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Why is adoption not allowed in Islam?

Why is adoption not allowed in Islam? In a world where children become orphans so quickly, why is this facility disallowed?


Adoption is certainly allowed in Islam. God only desires that when we adopt a child, we do not conceal his/her father’s name. The view that adoption is not allowed does not make sense in the light of this Quranic stipulation. (33:4-5) The strange opinion that has prompted you to ask this question is based on a Fiqhi opinion which in turn is based on an overly strict understanding of segregation of genders which was never demanded by the Almighty.
There is no problem in adopting children. In fact, it should be encouraged. There is nothing in the law that hinders the process. In my opinion there are a few things that need to be considered: the name of father has to be clearly known; when the boy or girl grows up, he/she will not be mahrem of the parents who adopted him/her. That would mean if ladies are embellished with makeup and/or jewelry etc, no part of the embellished body shall be visible except hands, face, and feet. As for inheritance, they can be bequeathed one-third of the wealth, unless the adopting parents give them wealth during their lifetime.