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What is Spirituality in Islam?

What In Islamic parlance does ‘spirituality’ really represent


Spirituality is nothing but the manifestation of an individual’s contact with God in one’s inner personality. The more you come closer to him, the more you have spirituality in you.
True spirituality thus must satisfy two conditions: It must focus on finding more and more about God and, as a result of it, coming closer to Him intellectually and emotionally. Proximity with God in these two senses is what spirituality is all about.
Secondly, spirituality must be achieved strictly in accordance with the manner it has been required to be done by God Himself through His messengers. No spirituality outside the scope of the messengers’ teachings can be genuine.
The manner we can attain spirituality in accordance with Islamic teachings is by reflecting upon Quranic verses while reciting it and concentrating on the deeper meanings of His names and their implications on our lives. The practical exercises leading to true spirituality suggested by Islam are formal prayers, fasting, Hajj, Umrah, ‘itikaf etc All forms of exercises people seek to achieve spirituality other than what Islam suggests are unacceptable to God once one accepts His last messenger as spiritual guide.
A truly spiritual person would be a morally upright and balanced one in his approach in handling the religious and worldly matters.