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What is Purdah in Islam

I don’t observe purdah. But I am quite modest in wearing clothes and especially in interaction with males very careful means I never stare them. I am practicing Islam to my level best but some times I feel very depressed what if all my prayers, sadaqh, be good to others means good deeds will be of little weight or become zero value for not doing purdah on day of judgment.
What’s the gravity of this sin?
I mean how much intention play role in it?


God expects from you four things when you are interacting with men: Wear a decent dress that covers your private parts well and keep your mind away from evil thoughts; don’t gaze at men, keep your eyes clean; cover your chest properly with an extra piece of cloth; and if you have adorned yourself with jewelry, make up or anything, then don’t show any part of your adorned self except face, hands, and feet, except in the presence of Mahram male relatives. (Quran; 24: 30-31) If you are doing it you are satisfying the conditions God expects from you.
Purdah is not an Arabic word.