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Decision of the US Supreme Court to legalize Same Gender marriages?

How would you respond to the decision of the US Supreme Court to legalize same-gender marriages?


Same gender marriages are prohibited by God. A religiously legitimate marriage can take place between a man and a woman only. It can’t take place between two individuals belonging to the same gender because they can’t procreate. God-designed nature has stamped its disapproval on such a relationship. It is absurd to call their association by the expression marriage which implies physical relationship. Even if it is legalized by the law of a certain land, it would still be unacceptable in the eyes of God.
We should not accept the decision of legalizing same-gender marriages, neither in our heart nor in our speech. We can only tolerate it reluctantly if we are living in a society where it has been legalized. Sympathizing with gays and lesbians in what they do is sympathizing with evil. However we are not going to use indecent language against them nor are we going to cut off our relations with them. We will try to inform them and others about our views on the subject. They can be good humans in other matters like a compulsive liar can be a good human in matters other than lying. Like I won’t defend the wrong behaviour of the latter by presenting scientific proof to justify lying, similarly I won’t do it for the evil acts of gays and lesbians. Like I expect from an individual whose inner self forces him to lie that he would resist his inner temptations temptation and not lie, similarly I expect restraint over their inner impulses from gays and lesbians. Our inner soul is a battle ground of good and evil. Let’s be on the side of good and not justify evil.