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Doing TV Program with someone I Disagree with (2)

I haven’t met either Professor Rafique or his disciple Bilal Qutub Sb; I have gone through Professor Rafique’s books in which I came to know about the “Special Knowledge of Professor Sb about Huroof-e-muqatta’at”
I mailed to you previously , when , I saw you sitting with him and then I thought to just bring to your attention that Bilal Qutub uses the same kind of “paranormal” knowledge during his programs on Dunya News’ Jago Dunya’s segment about suggesting different Kalam’s to people by just hearing their names. He says he has got this knowledge from his teacher.
If you had watched Bilal Qutub’s program telecast on September 4 in “Jagoo Dunya” almost all his narrations about his personal experiences were matching with those described by you in your article “Experiencing Jinn”
Bilal Qutub Sb says he has also been doing meditation and was an expert of this field; he tells about the incident of meeting Professor Rafique by sheer chance and unknown reasons. He says he was ordered he should travel from Lahore to Islamabad but he stopped somehow in Gujar Khan (where the Professor lives) and he met him . There he tried to meditate on Professor Rafique but was unsuccessful. Eventually he accepted him as his teacher.
I feel that having access to him, you hold a big responsibility of not only introducing Bilal Sahib’s attention towards the reality of Sufi claims but also condemning them in your programs on Dunya News that these have no basis in religion.


Thank you for inviting me to do my religious duty. I will try to find the opportunity to convey my views to Bilal Sahib. If I get an opportunity, I will try to mention my views in the program as well. I will also request Bilal Sahib to read my article on Jinns on my website and these answers too.
I believe chance meetings are indeed from God; but they are a trial (azmaish). Had there been anything good in meditation, our shari’ah would have given clear instructions to do it. We have only been asked to pray (do salat), do I’tikaf, Hajj, and umrah. Remembering Allah while standing, sitting, and lying, is also desired. Nowhere is there any mention of meditation. Our religion is complete and it doesn’t need anything from outside Quran and sunnah for getting closer to God.
I believe one should always communicate religion wisely. Condemnation creates reaction while intelligent preaching helps in understanding the truth. Allow me to do my job wisely and pray for me that I don’t show weakness in discharging my religious obligation.
I pray to God that He should show me, Bilal Sahib, and all peoples of the world the right path. As Bilal Sahib quite often quotes Mr Ashfaq Ahmad “May the Almighty enable us to create and distribute ease for everyone.”